Be The Change
Be The Change
The Future is in Your Hands


Be The Change is a craft book that inspires youth to use their creativity to get involved in community service and civic action. 

A portion of proceeds from Be the Change are donated to WE Schools, which empowers young people in North America and the UK to take action on local and global issues that spark their passion and gives them the tools to make a difference. WE Schools is part of the WE movement, which makes doing good doable and inspires people to change the world. Learn more about the WE movement at

Be The Change provides:

  • Expert insight into what it means to be the change and to be creative
  • Useful tools for turning inspiration into inspired action
  • 16+ creative projects to promote your ideas and events
  • Tear-out postcards, buttons, and letters to your representative that you can use right away!


Eunice Moyle and Sabrina Moyle are the sister-team behind Hello!Lucky and have been involved in community service and civic action as citizens and business owners since they founded their company in 2003.


Eunice and Sabrina are dynamic public speakers and available for interviews, DIY workshops and speaking engagements related to creative community engagement and civic action.


Stay up to date as we approach our book launch, see what we're doing to give back in the meantime, and find out what you can do to Be The Change. We'll also offer opportunities to win your own copy of Be The Change here!