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“an inspirational coach…Kids will close this book energized and empowered…” –Kirkus Reviews

At a time when youth activism is at its peak, many young people are searching for ways to best contribute to making the world a better place. The Moyles offer here a change-agent manual that acts as an inspirational coach, providing ideas for young people who want to take action for change, no matter how limited they may feel in their ability to access inner and outer resources. There is a primer, "The Body Politic," which summarizes how teens can educate themselves and influence the way our political system works. This section offers a list of doable actions, from making videos and starting a club to taking strategic actions to boycott businesses whose practices work against equality. "The Living Room Conversation Guide" is a rubric that guides group discussion for youth and is also a great lesson idea for teachers, who can access this model for their classrooms via a provided URL. The last section of the book features a variety of affordable craft projects, ready-made templates, and postcards geared to enhance civic community projects in any neighborhood. Ample photographs of diverse, enthusiastic youth anchor the lively design. The tone throughout is chatty and positive, offering necessary context when appropriate—the explanation of the progressive, libertarian, and conservative axes of opinion, for instance, is clear and very useful. Kids will close this book energized and empowered; this has great potential for classrooms and youth groups as well as individual activists. (Nonfiction. 10-15) 

"Given all that has gone on in Florida recently, this book is positive and powerful for my age group at a time when we really need it."   

- Emma Steadman, student, Sea Crest School

Young people will define the future of American society and hold the power to effect needed change. Leveraging their boundless creativity, Be the Change provides an innovative toolkit for bridging divides and mending the frayed fabric of society.

- Pearce Godwin, Founder, The Listen First Project



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 photo by Zoe Larkin

photo by Zoe Larkin