Be the Change x WalkWoke!


When we first met Rebecca Altamirano, co-creator of the new WalkWoke app, we were star struck. Rebecca is a passionate, whip smart entrepreneur, activist, educator, mom of four.  With her husband Antonio, she co-founded Tangelo, a super cool technology venture studio in Silicon Valley, that is entirely minority-owned and run. To top it off, Rebecca was a founding teacher at East Palo Alto Academy high school, so she is super passionate about empowering youth to be the change!

One of Tangelo’s newest projects is WalkWoke, a fantastic new mobile app launched in January 2018. WalkWoke lets people to customize and post or print their own protest posters on the go. How cool is that? WalkWoke’s powerful, customizable graphics cover everything from women’s rights to immigrant rights and protecting the environment. While they have an unabashedly progressive political bent, WalkWoke’s posters a fantastic starting point for anyone wanting to amplify their vision for change.

The best part?  On March 14, we launched our very own Be the Change collection of WalkWoke posters, featuring youth-friendly graphics from our book, Be the Change: The Future is in Your Hands. In creating these designs, we were inspired by giving young people the tools and images they need to make their voices heard.

The collection includes a healthy dose of girl power...


Get-out-the-vote messages since 20 million Americans will become eligible to vote by 2020, and to support campaigns like Yara Shadidi’s Eighteeen x 18….


And gun control messages just in time for this weekend’s March for Our Lives (we’ll be marching in San Francisco!).

We also created posters featuring famous changemakers, such as Martin Luther King, Jr., Malala, and Gandhi. Thanks to WalkWoke’s easy-to-use interface, users can add an inspirational quote of their choice with a couple taps:


Overall, we created images with a positive, empowering vibe since being the change is all the about using the power of positivity and peace to make the world a better place!


Download the WalkWoke app here to check out the full collection!  March on!

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