It's Our Birthday!

Happy International Women’s Day!  Be the Change is officially LIVE today!

We wrote Be the Change to give young people—especially girls—the tools to use their creativity to turn their values, dreams, and hopes for their communities into tangible action for change.

Be the Change is inspired by our confidence in young people to make a difference, evidenced by the current groundswell of powerful teen activism.  Be the Change inspires youth to use their creativity to connect, unify and amplify their change actions to create a better world.

As teens, we didn’t realize the power of our own creative voices, and we didn’t see a connection between creativity and social impact.  At the Women’s March on Washington, we woke up. Those creative protest posters, songs, and speeches MADE the march!  

BTC_Love Wins.jpeg

Be the Change draws on our years of experience as creatives, activists, and leaders. We cover what it means to be the change from within, what it means to be creative (it's not just being good at art!), and how to turn inspiration into action. We also provide 16+ fun, easy, hands-on projects for everything from t-shirts to protest posters, bumper stickers, fundraiser invitations, and campaign posters to run for student office!

You can pick up a copy at AmazonBarnes & Noble, Indie Bound, Chapters, or your local bookseller.  Or get a signed copy here or on Tuesday, March 13 at our all-ages launch party, featuring letterpress demo, author talk, protest poster making for the National School Walkout on March 14 and much more. Can't make it? Try to pop into any Ritual Coffee location in San Francisco this week to pick up a copy of Be The Change, and enjoy coffee out of our limited run Stay Woke cups!

A portion of proceeds from Be the Change will be donated to WE Schools, part of the WE movement, which empowers young people to take action on local and global issues that spark their passion and gives them the tools to make a difference.

Thank you for helping us inspire youth the Be the Change! 




Hello Lucky
Creative Activism: Interview on Pantsuit Nation Podcast

It is no surprise to us that the Parkland students who are leading the #NEVERAGAIN movement were in their school’s theater program. We believe that creativity is *the* essential ingredient to effective leadership and civic action. It’s by learning how to find your true voice, envision the future you want to see, articulate that vision, and amplify it through creativity that you can galvanize a movement, as the Parkland teens are showing us so powerfully today.   

As teens, we did theater, music, and visual arts. Right out of college, Sabrina chose to work in the arts education field, funding arts programs in the Massachusetts public schools that had been slashed through repeated budget cuts and a focus on high-stakes testing.  In 2003, we joined forces to start Hello!Lucky, a creative design studio that since 2016 has used its design chops and platform to publish Women’s March protest posters that were downloaded 5,000 times, raise $15K for Planned Parenthood and the ACLU through our cause pins, and, now publish our new book, Be the Change: The Future is in Your Hands.


At the Women’s March on Washington, we were blown away by power of the creative groundswell on display.  Those thousands of protest posters MADE the march.  Each one was passionate, personal, and unique. That’s when it truly hit home: creativity is a force multiplier for change. Not only that, WOMEN are the strong, visionary, connected leaders our country needs now and in the future.  Not only that, YOUNG PEOPLE, with their natural ability to harness social media and that unencumbered view of the world’s potential (the internet makes just about anything seem possible), are the creative leaders who can break through the old, oppressive beliefs and usher in a more compassionate, just, inclusive, kind and caring future.

That’s when we decided to write our new book Be the Change: The Future is in Your Hands, coming out March 8 and now available for pre-order.  Be the Change speaks to young people, particularly ‘tween and teen girls.  It invites them to use something that they are likely naturally passionate about -- creativity -- to get civically active.   It gives them simple, inspiring crafting projects -- everything from protest posters to bumper stickers to t-shirts to postcards to their representatives to invitations for fundraising parties.  It also breaks down what it means to be the change, what it means to be creative (it’s more than just drawing well!), and how to turn inspiration into inspired action -- with everything from some basic civics to step-by-step instructions for organizing a community service project to what to bring to a protest. Being the change starts from within. Your inner world reflects your outer world, so we’ve included a good dose of age-appropriate motivation and insight on how to stay grounded, resolve conflicts, and cultivate a strong, grounded inner world that will help young women to tap into their creative voices and stay true to themselves in the face of the inevitable noise and conflict in the civic arena.


In activism, as in life, there is no “right” answer. There is no black and white. Change comes through collaboration and creativity.  It comes through listening to multiple points of view and leading by example. It comes through understanding why you believe what you believe, knowing your facts, and knowing yourself. It comes from being the change you want to see, through creative expression and action, and letting go. None of us can do it alone. None of us is in control. But, as evidenced by every story shared in the Pantsuit Nation community, we can each have ripple effects that can lead to change beyond any one of us could ever imagine.

Listen to this week's episode of The Pantsuit Nation Podcast to hear more about our work: You can also listen and subscribe on Google Play, Stitcher, Spotify, or wherever you listen to podcasts.



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Enough is Enough

Like so many others, we have been blown away by the courage of Emma González and her Parkland peers for speaking out in no uncertain terms about the devastating impact of America's gun culture.  The U.S. owns 50% of the world's guns, while making up only 5% of its population. Just 25% of Americans own guns, and 3% of gun owners own 50% of guns. NON-GUN OWNERS ARE IN THE MAJORITY. 

Enough is Enough Poster.png

We stand with Emma, David, and their classmates.  We created these posters and postcards to help amplify their message. The bravery of the thousands of teens who are speaking out is what being the change looks like. Download, print, and share!

Posters are 20" x 24". Postcards are 5" x 7".



Lay Down Your Arms.png





1. Download and send to your local printer, e.g. Fedex Kinkos

2. March and share on social 

March 14 at 10 a.m. - National School Walkout @WomensMarchY

March 24 - March For Our Lives  @AMarch4OurLives

April 20 - National High School Walkout  @schoolwalkoutUS


1.  Download and print at home on cardstock

2. Cut out and fill in message. Get your Member of Congress' address and message ideas.

3. Stamp and mail.








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Galentine's Day Cards

Valentine's Day isn't just for people in committed relationships, it's a day to celebrate all the different forms of love in your life. Self love, family love, and friend love! We love Galentine's Day because it recognizes the importance of friendship. Be good to your friends by lifting them up and telling them how much you value them! Sometimes words can speak louder than actions :).


Just a couple of old school Galentines, ready to be printed, cut, signed, and delivered! Use this FREE printable to get started.



  • Print at home on cardstock
  • Cut around the dotted line
  • Sign the front and add an extra note on the back
  • Hand deliver!
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Iconic Photos from Women's March 2018
Eunice and Sabrina.jpg

The Women's March 2018 was once again so inspiring, empowering, and unifying!  We were thrilled to be marching with so many girls, women, and men in San Francisco this year.

the crowds.JPG

The some estimates 50,000 - 60,000 Bay Area residents marched!

Group of girls.JPG

One of the highlights was all the girls marching, like this girl gang. #GRLPOWR

Next Gen Feminist.JPG


My Body My Choice.JPG

Once again, the best part about the march was the creativity on display -- so many amazing slogans, drawings, costumes.  This is what inspired us to write Be the Change: the Future is in Your Hands -- your creativity can amplify your voice and unify people around a cause!

Hope Not Grope.JPG

A lot of marchers were fired up by the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements.  

Our group.JPG

We marched with this amazing group of women, many of whom made posters with us the day before at our Women's March Poster Making Party, co-hosted by the amazing Women at Zynga!  They put the "social" into social justice!

Baby and mom.JPG

There were lots of mothers and daughters marching together. Loved this sweet moment.


Eunice holding one of our protest posters over the crowds. 2018 is going to be a great year. Be bold, be brave, show up, support each other, and make your voice heard!

Protest Posters

We created a fresh batch of free printable protest posters using some art from Be The Change for this weekend Women's March! Simply find one that best represents you, print at your local Fedex, and show up!

Thanks to our slogan contest, we picked our favorite concept by @hello.shayna, and created the one below, thanks Shayna!


Find our whole selection of posters and download here.

Hello Lucky
Women's March Poster Contest

In 2017, we designed protest posters that were downloaded over 5,000 times, used in Women’s Marches worldwide, and raised $2K in voluntary donations for the Women’s March.  We’d like to do it again this 2018 -- and do even better -- with your help!

Hello!Lucky invites you to enter our

Women's March Poster Slogan Contest

- Post your slogans in comments on Instagram and Twitter by midnight PST 1/12  (feel free to include ideas for accompanying graphics, though no drawing skills necessary!)

- The winning slogan will be designed by Hello!Lucky and available for free download on the Hello!Lucky protest poster page in time for the Women's March (local sister marches on 1/20 - 1/21, national Power to the Polls march on 1/21 in Las Vegas). We’ll also send you a free print of your winning poster that you can use for the march!

- Vote on your favorite submissions with comment or like on Instagram and Twitter

- Final winner will be chosen by Hello!Lucky on Monday 1/15 #MLKDAY

- The winning poster will be posted here and available for free download on 1/18

Rules - We give points for positive, PG content!  Please no profanity or graphic imagery...if you wouldn't show it to your grandma, please don't submit!  

P.S. Our protest posters helped inspired our new book, Be the Change: The Future is In Your Hands, out March 6. PRE-ORDER here and follow us on Twitter @bethechangepub and Instagram @bethechangebook Girls and women, the future is in your hands!  #TimesUp #METOO #bethechangebook


Thanks for entering, and good luck!

Hello Lucky